Jun 11, 2013

How to choose brand logos?

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Logos carry the image of the company - its field of activity. Logos constantly compete with each other to attract the attention of the consumer. Company logos are responsible for the profits of your business. Logos play a major role in the marketing policies of the organization, as set visual identity and brand recognition. Logo is the main feature of your business. Potential consumers alike are judged on your business by the impression which they produce the logo.
How to choose brand logos?

Creating Recognizable Brand logo design:

  1. Creates a good image of the target audience
  2. Displays the philosophy of your company
  3. Reflects the standards of your business
  4. Gives confidence
  5. Individual and is a unique and memorable
  6. Visually attractive
  7. Professionally and made
  8. It has a unique logo design, logo creation, corporate identity, and corporate identity - our favorite work!

Brand Logo Color

    Color plays an important role in creating a certain mood and impression of your company. It's very easy to test. Look for products of SONY. All done TV black and white. Stylish and modern, there is nothing superfluous.

Picture Of Brand Logo

    Medium and small companies who do not have a budget, as, for example, Nike, PHILIPS, SONY, or McDonald's, when creating your brand name should make sure that it does confirm the expectations of clients.

Choose Fonts

    Designer who creates brand name, with certainty tell you that writing in the logo is very important. The designer has created a font that looks like a gift ribbon that matches the style of the company (travel tours.)

Test Your Brand Logo

    Taking into account the diversity of the advertising companies and methods of use of your logo, whether your trademark looks good in black and white? Why black and white version so important? Good question. Remember that you often had to make a printout material. Black-and-white printing is not cheaper than a full-color? Your logo will appear on all letterheads and fax transmission.
    If the company takes part in exhibitions, printing handouts in black and white version is much cheaper. This applies to advertising in various newspapers, magazines and other printed publications. Thus, when using your brand name in various advertising mediums, be it posters, t-shirts, pens or mugs, it is necessary for it to be scalable. Logo and corporate identity should be recognized easily without loss of quality when printing it on any size. Logos are created in a vector format (. Ai or. Eps).

Stories of creation - Represents Brand Logo

    Logo represents a brand name, a graphic image, a brand. Designed for permanent identification of the company, the logo, the logo is usually placed on folders, flayers, envelopes, promotional material and signs as an emblem by which you can identify a particular organization.
    According to the present logo (as such as we imagine) was created century when bubbled production and digging would differ from each other. At this time began to increase exports, and it is clear that competition. Logos were developed to distinguish between the products of different firms within the same field of activity. Brand names, logos began to appear on the labels and packaging products to customers could easily identify the goods that they prefer. Currently logos have changed the world around us.

Choice of style and the concept of a logo image

Fundamental role in creating the logo is its concept. At first it is necessary to realize that the logo should convey about your company. Currently, there are a lot of logos that specify a particular field of activity. For example, the globe - for a travel agency, an envelope - for e-mail, etc. There is also a huge amount of abstract symbols that convey the philosophy of the company, such as Triangle reflects a stable company and cause a feeling of confidence. Dynamic brand name logo, for example, the missile can be perfectly suitable for a young, rapidly growing modern company.

Course to some companies difficult to apply certain associations, For example, a company engaged in nanotechnology. For such companies, when designing a logo, you need not be based on associations with what the company does, and feelings that she should call when buyers see its logo. In this case, these companies may very well come up abstract sign. Companies covering several areas of activity should have a common brand name logo. Logo in this case can be given a contemporary look by adding a few straight lines in combination with the arcs, or by using it in proportional symmetrical geometric shapes.

Thus developed logo should not look too modern to not require a redesign of several years.

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  1. I am a web designer and a graphic designer. What you have mentioned ism acceptable. Good work.

  2. Logo design is not only a sign, image or text of for any company, it is a brand ambassador and recognition of any company therefore it should be unique, perfect, colorful, meaningful and amazing. In this scenario your all shared points are very important and effective to learn about the hidden truths of a logo design and its importance.

  3. Hi, logo posts always bring discussions. Let me start this one. how to Creating Recognizable Brand logo design?

  4. Well, I learn many times that the logo of the large companies are always simple and having a message toward their service within a logo and that is called a creativity.
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