Jul 12, 2013

Turn your site into a 5 star to Google

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The SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), is one of the key success factors of a website. In the case of a blog, not just the top rankings is important, but also the information displayed by the search engine on our site as a result of a given search.
Turn your site into a 5 star to Google
In this issue we will address one of the benefits available on Google, for the optimization of the information displayed by the Internet giant when our site is listed in their search results.

Constant improvements in the type and form of the information displayed in search results are one of the cornerstones of successful undisputed Google. The company has endeavored to display information that is relevant to the search criteria and graphically striking, linking proprietary information website that shows as a result. Undoubtedly, this is very positive for both the navigator, and for general web sites, as shown from the outset, with more clarity and detail the content of the sites, thereby expediting the traffic to the page web. The equation can be summarized as: High measure and better information in search results = more traffic visiting our environment.

To improve the information, Google offers a number of tools called Rich-Snippets, which we will discuss, one of its features so you can use them in your blog.

One of the new elements in the form, for some time, is the ability to rate or qualify your site or article from yellow stars that appear in search results. Those sites that are distinguished by these stars stand out above the rest and this increases the possibility that the user clicks on this option. Let us see how we can start using this benefit:

The process is very simple; you could even say it is the simplest of the available in Rich Snippets, as only requires the installation of a supplement (plug-in), without the need for further configurations. Then I leave a list of the steps:

  • First you must install the Google, called "GD star rating".
  • Once installed you must enter the "Settings" and in the two menus called "Articles" you have to change the number of stars to five. So the search engine can insert this directly between the results without any change. For you to be very careful with the image, the tool also has the ability to change the look of the stars, adapting to your personal taste.
  • After these adjustments must "save changes" and the next search should already show the stars of your items.
  • It is important to note that only show the stars on those items that have votes. If your post was never qualified, the stars will not be among the search results.

Undoubtedly this is the most striking and simple options available for improving search results in Google. But it is a good way to start using the multiple benefits that shares the aforementioned Rich Snippets. I recommend that you take the time to investigate and install this add-on to discover a world of your SEO improvements that will result in a genuine difference in the future.

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    1. Everyone tries to best the on top of the Google page ranking.if some one want ask any question regarding this from me.I’ll help you as much as I can.

    2. But for the GD rating we have to get certain permission from Google itself.

    3. Very easy guide and tips. I'm so glad to find this.