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2017 12-26

Grandall Assisted Secote Boarding Shanghai Stock Exchange

文章摘要:Grandall Assisted Secote Boarding Shanghai Stock Exchange ,干草堆承平盛世研究中心,露穴控股有限梅贝尔。

On 25 December 2017, Suzhou Secote Precision Electronic Co., Ltd. (“Suzhou Secote”) successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange.

As founded in 2002, Suzhou Secote has a registered capital of RMB 120 million with headquarters in Suzhou and branches in China and overseas.

Suzhou Secote has been dedicating to providing automation solutions serving manufacturing, assembly, and packaging lines to help our customers’ Smart Factory transformations. It offers turnkey capabilities of technical consultancy, feasibility studies, data experimentation, system design, programming, system integration, installation & tuning, and other services. Suzhou Secote’s products are widely used in the consumer electronics, automotive, medical, household appliance,apparel and personal care, food service, and cosmetics industries.

Grandall Shanghai has been retained as the issuer’s legal counsel with Mr. NI Junji and Mr. ZHANG Xiaolong offering comprehensive and professional service for the case.

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